Zero Point Womb Activation


Clear the cords, entities, interfacing systems, templates, hooks, and DNA Profile of past sexual partners with this potent process for the Divine Feminine to reset the Portal of Creation, otherwise known as the Sacred Womb!



As women, the Sacred Womb is the sanctuary through which we birth our creations into full manifestation.

It is the Portal of Creation! We conceive from the instruction set of our Soul Blueprints here and bring these into full manifestion.

It is the Cathedral of our Empress Codes!

So much can desecrate the sacredness of this temple space and install various imprints and templates within the Sacred Womb that make it difficult for us to truly access and harness the power that exists there.

Sexual activity with a man creates cords and hooks at the level of the Sacred Womb, and not only this, but we can also become imprinted with his karma, his entities (if he has them), his emotional energy and his DNA profile, in addition to the karma, entities, emotions, or anyone he has been intimate with.

Not only that but damage is also incurred through miscarriage and abortion, not to mention the loss, guilt and shame that becomes imprinted there through these experiences that compromise the receptivity of our Sacred Feminine

If we have ever been raped or sexually abused, not only does it also imprint us with great shame, and feeling damaged, but it also creates reversal currents in our Sophianic essence that feed Dark and Inverted Anti-Sophia/Christ grids and can trap fragments of our energy in trauma fields on past timelines, so we are never fully embodied or operating from the fullness of our Potential.

The Zero Point Womb Activation is originally a technique I taught during a Lightworker Training I facilitated in 2021, that I extracted from the class to share with all those who want a second chance to regenerate and start over again energetically!


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