Sacred Union Template Alchemy Program


Disentangle yourself from Twin Flame Mental and emotional mazes based on fallen templates and completely recode your Lightbody for True Sacred Union built on Devotion and Planetary Service!



The Twin Flame Narrative, as we have come to understand and learn about over the past decade or two is FALLING!


And the reason it is collapsing is because the teachings about what Twin Flames actually look like, feel like, and ARE like were built on a faulty foundation that had very little to do with the Divine Design for True Sacred Partnership based on the merging of Christ/Sophia.

What had occurred instead is a tortuous tryst with an individual who was the embodiment of our own Masculine or Feminine Wounding that we became caught up with in a spin cycle of dysfunction with no end in sight.

Or a manipulated “set up” with a highly hijacked individual who has served as a portal to derail us and keep us traumatized and locked down in our Pain Body (from where we magnetized the individual to begin with).

The Return of Christ is here and NOW, and it is within all of us as the Risen Christ/Sophia,  the Kryst/Krystallah Diamond Sun Lightbody that is our upgrade on the ascension path.

As this Resurrection occurs, it is breaking down the Anti-Krystic, Anti-Hiergammical programming of the Twin Flame Program that had many a Lightworker/Starseed/Ascending convinced that emotional abuse, wishy-washy affection, narcissistic abuse, desertion,  betrayal, gaslighting, devaluing, deception, and rejection in a relationship not only  a Divine and Sacred thing, but God-Sanctioned, and that we can actually build the New Earth with an individual who embodies this when they have no sign of or interest in changing.

Or that this relationship and person that is supposed to be the most Divine and Sacred person and partnership that you ever encounter in this lifetime, yet this person shows in everything they do that they could really care less about you.

This is what an Inversion is, and how it operates and the Twin Flame Belief System is FULL of them.

The Twin Flame narrative has been seriously hijacked to keep the Ascending in trauma loops, default and inorganic timelines, and siphoned by lower dimensional beings that use our unhealed wounding and trauma against us and feed off of the misery, depression, heartbreak and sorrow.

There is nothing Divine about this at all and it is time to wake up.

And many are, because the Organic Sacred Union Template is here on the planetary grids and available in ways that it was not previously, and believe it or not, it has not so much to do with a person outside of yourself, as it does with your own Inner Balance of Divine Feminine/Masculine, and in doing so will naturally magnetize someone who is ready and wanting to build the New Earth with you in complete Devotion, rather than someone sitting around in a cosmic waiting room for a broken individual to provide you something they have no ability to give because they haven’t anchored it themselves (and in most cases don’t even realize there is any need to)

The true Union Template is based on Hieros Gamos of Christ/Sophia, the Oneness of the Solar Feminine and Masculine Christ, as raised as architecture within BOTH parties Lightbodies, and not pining away for someone who won’t stop sleeping around long enough to throw you some crumbs of attention.

For those of us called to the Christos Mission (which would probably be everyone reading this), it is time for us to stop allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of in this way, reclaim our sovereignty, and create pathways for a partner who has also said Yes! to love in this way…and it shows (if this is what we desire and is within the Divine Plan for us).

If you are ready to take it to the next level in your own liberation and reclamation of your life and energy, Sacred Union Template Alchemy Class is calling you!!

Originally a 4 Week Program that I conducted live, I was guided to offer the recordings as an e-course for those who are ready to rise up into the new temple codes for Union that are available now, and step away from the “new age nonsense” and siphoning systems that have been taking advantage of our weaknesses and blindspots.

Week 1: Shining the Light on the Darkness of the Collapsing Twin Flame Program.  I discuss exactly who has set up the Twin Flame Program and Why, and what is behind this thoughtform.  We also work with the Receiving From God Exercise to call forth Resurrection of Our Union Template

Week 2: Anti Hieros Gamos Programs, Inversions, Core Wounds, and Negative Relationship Archtypes: In this class we cover the Programs that have been inserted into the collective to create gender splitting and division between the sexes, how our core wounds make us vulnerable to manipulation, and Inverted/Juvenile Masculine and Feminine Energies and how these inbalances show up in the False Twin Flame Interfacing System, and in general.  Our activation is to clear Inverted Union Architecture and Reversals in the Lightbody where our energy is being co-opted into Anti-Krystic grids (typically without us even knowing!)

Week 3: Getting Our “Heart House” In Order/Deep Heart Clearing: Discover how spiritual bypassing and other New Age beliefs trap us in the False Ascension Matrix,  Pain Body, and lockdown of the Personality Matrix, and keep us from truly moving into the Heart Space, what heart walls and armor truly are, the Diamond Krystal Heart, and the Spirit of Betrayal as the root of a closed down heart.  The Diamond Crystal Heart Activation purges Pain Body overload, evicts the Spirit of Betrayal and rematrixes the Heart Meridian.

Week 4: Priming the Field For Union: Learn what is required of us to prime our energy fields for Union, especially Union with the Christos/Holy Father energy and why this is essential.  Christos as Beloved, and anchoring that first and foremost. We discuss the power of DEVOTION and expand the fields for this through our Devotion to the Christos activation.  We also learn a powerful Relationship Closure Exercise that will assist you in closing out old contracts with ex-lovers, providing much needed closure.

In addition to all recordings from the program, you will also receive:

  • The POWERFUL Receiving From God/Source/Universe Exercise that you can use far beyond the program.
  •   A corresponding Playsheet as part of your weekly “homework”, to track your progress and for self-reflection.
  • A powerful weekly message from the Holy Mother via the Mother Mary Oracle that is specific for the 4 weeks of this program.

You will receive all downloads as soon as you purchase so you can dive right in!

Want background or primers on some of the information in this class?  Check out the Resurrection and Return of the Divine Masculine call that I did in June 2020 here. Also, check out the 5 Signs Someone is Not Your Twin Flame, or the Quiz at the bottom of the Collapsing False Twin Flame Interfacing System Session page.


Testimonial for SUTA:

“I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for changing my life. I came across your transmissions & meditations during my healing journey (it’s an ongoing one of course!) and since then there is no looking back…  the most recent Sacred Union Template Alchemy class, changed me 360 degrees. It triggered  my core wounds that are now releasing and see myself as a completely new person coming into balance with my inner feminine and masculine. My faith in GOD/Universe has increased multifold. Thanks a ton for leading us all into this amazing journey.” – Erum K.


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