Personalized Crystal Reading and Activation


This personalized mini-reading and activation will stream the living Light intelligence of the Christed Mineral Kingdom based on your individual soul needs!




The Mineral Kingdom offers us healing medicine from the Wisdom of the Holy Mother and from the Consciousness of Earth to support us in grounding our intentions and Soul Essence into the physical.

Each crystal or gem is imbued with a color frequency that brings stabilization, activation, and correction to the lightbody in addition to unique properties that run the gamut of deepening our intuition to courage and bravery to face down our fears.

They are not just “rocks”, but living beings with their own healing medicine and consciousness.

Many of us have had a crystal or gem call to us at a particular time in our journey because we needed to work with its medicine for a season.  As part of our Quantum Leap into New Earth Consciousness and technology, we no longer need to purchase the actual gem or crystal (unless we want to) but we can connect to its healing frequencies within the Quantum Field and stream it straight into our Lightbodies, or to charge a glass of water!

In Crystal Attunement/Reading Activation, I will tune into your Soul Blueprint for the healing frequency most needed by and for you at this time in your journey and provide a PDF mini reading based on the feedback, as well as a 10-15 minute activation mp3 that you can use to stream its healing properties right into your field, or to charge a glass of water or bathtub (instructions for both will be provided).

If you wish, you may also provide via email a brief synopsis of a particular situation or challenge you are being faced with that you would like assistance from the mineral kingdom with, and I will tune into your timeline to provide what is best suited for the situation at hand.

To order, just use the order button provided.  Upon completion of payment, you will be guided to a page providing more details.

Please allow at least 3-7 days for turn around of your audio and PDF.



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