Empowered Empath Code Program


Transform from Empath to Alchemist during this game changing 4 week course desgined to make you a Master of Your Energy!



Empathic Starseeds are crucibles for transformation.

We form the backbone of the transition into 5D Consciousness and are among some of the most powerful healers.

Unfortunately for many of us, lack of understanding of subtle energies and influences, and what this Super Power is actually for leaves many of us struggling with this ability.

The result is drowning in a sea of “what isn’t mine to process” and being needlessly bogged down by everything in the subtle fields around us and our reactions to this.

Full comprehension of “not me, not mine” in addition to what being an empath actually is and how it operates as a template of alchemy is essential if we are to truly embody and allow the Light of Our Truth to be the dominant signature in our personal field.

This comes from not only managing our own energy, but being fully aware about how our container is breeched, by whom, when, and why it affects us.

Unfortunately, most support out there for empaths simply covers basic techniques for shielding the field but offers very little on “working the field”, which is what empaths actually do.

This Program consists of the replays from a 4 week workshop I conducted where I covered these topics and much more in this powerful and information-packed teaching.

Topics covered include (but not limited to):

  • Energetic syphoning systems (including the metaphysics behind psychic vampirism and leaky energetic containers)
  • Agreements and contracts and the effects on one’s experience as an Empath.
  • Discovering the 5 different types of Empaths and which one you are, and the activation of your Empath Superpower!
  • Childhood traumas as the breeding ground for Inverted Empathy and inability to access intuitive information.
  • Unhealed Soul Fragmentation from unprocessed Trauma Fields
  • What is a Leaky container and how to manage your energy.
  • Projections and judgements of others and the effect of this on the Empath.
  • Co-opted and repurposed sexual energy
  • How to alchemize energy as an Empath and be a container for Transmutation.
  • Energy Management and how discipline here can positively affect every area of your life (especially finances)
  • How to stream your own Soul Broadcast as the dominant frequency in your life and manifest from authenticity.

We will also participate in written and intuitive exercises to help you prep the field for the true High Level Identity of the Empath so you can make an impact in your personal sphere of influence (instead of being impacted by outside influences!)

Each module will also features powerful and potent lightbody activations, clearings, and upgrades that you can add to your Ascension and Energy Clearing Tool Kit..


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