Deactivating The Princess Code


Revolutionize your frequency broadcast, relationships, and perceptions from projecting outside of yourself through lack, to the fullness of the Creation Codes!



The Princess Code is a program that runs mostly within the Feminine Collective and immerses her consciousness field in a Happy Ever After “out there” through disconnect from her own inner Masculine “Hero” and projecting “him” outside of herself.

Since this is done from a space of lack, through the Universal Law of Resonance, she will draw the deficit to her, while projecting it on a Man who lacks it himself, yet she is unable to see anything but a “Prince” or “Knight in Shining Armor”, even when the man is a Narcissist, or otherwise no good for her.

The Princess Code inverts perception, and looks for the Masculine outside herself to “rescue her”, whether she is seeking to be saved from loneliness, unhappiness, lack of fufillment, societal expectations that she believes she is falling short and because it is deficit based, it will attract a Masculine Archetype that is deficit in the ability to truly provide it, but the Happy Every After reality bubble prevents her from seeing this.

Deactivating the Princess Code allows the Sacred Marriage to occur within at deeper levels, through the activation and merger of our own internal Masculine and Feminine, which brings the True Creation Codex online within our lives, and we then create, magnetizing from fullness rather than lack.

In this activation, I utilize the Amorea Flame (Sapphire wave spectrum of the Holy Spirit), Light Language and other processes to uninstall the Princess Code and initiate organic Hieros Gamos Sacred Union within the field to collapse seeking Love from this inverted template.


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