Please Read Carefully Before Booking Your Session

Just to be sure we are a good match and this session is right for you and you fully understand my policies, please read through the following. If you still want to proceed, use the link at the bottom to book:

  1. Upon booking you will receive an invoice shortly after. Your invoice is due upon receipt and payment secures your slot and confirms your appointment. If your invoice is not paid within 48 hours after sending, your appointment will be cancelled, unless you email me directly to make some other arrangement (which I am willing to do…just ask!)
  2. If you are experiencing Financial Hardship, I am willing to set up a payment plan to break it down into 2 payments but you must be paid in full by your session date, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you require this option, please specify on the booking page and I will invoice you accordingly. If you need this option, please email me at to set that up.
  3. There are no refunds, except if you cancel your appointment at least 48 hours or more before your appointment is scheduled. If you have paid in full and cancel after the 48 hour mark of your appointment, I will assess a $50 cancellation fee.
  4. None of the services, guidance, advice or energy work is intended to diagnose, or treat any emotional, physical, or mental health conditions, or substitute care from a medical professional. If you are under the care of a medical professional, please continue to follow their advice.
  5. I do not advocate dependency on me to the exclusion of you developing your own intuitive abilities and self sourcing to God/Source as part of your organic ascension path and empowerment. It is for this reason, that I ask that you refrain from scheduling more than 3 sessions of any type in a 6 month period.
  6. If you are uncomfortable with the concept of entities, inorganic Lightbody Architecture, and Astral Hijacking, or believe that these are all mental constructs, or it is scary, or if you just don’t focus on those things they cease to exist or can’t hurt you, then we are not a good match because not only do I see if these are in your field affecting you, I will also clear them when and if needed.
  7. If you are not willing to expand past, or at least consider concepts beyond what you have learned in spiritual circles/the new age movement (I am talking specifically about those that are detrimental and serve as consciousness traps) then we are also not a good match because I have been commissioned to tell the truth which may not always be what you want to hear, or what you are used to hearing. But I do this in love (just a spoonful of sugar help the medicine go down!)
  8. These sessions are not “psychic readings” where you ask me dozens of questions about outcomes, to look into situations because you are attached to some sort of information or validation about something. I do not validate Twin Flame connections, if this is your Twin Flame or anything of this nature. These are healing sessions to assist you in changing and collapsing patterns, and ultimately the feedback loops in your reality. Please do not bombard me with dozens of pre-planned questions about what is going to happen, but rather approach sessions with a heart open to receive what is necessary for you at this time, as I do bring in intuitive guidance, but it will always be what you need, and not what you want necessarily.
  9. I do not “connect to your Twin Flame’s Higher Self” to talk to them, or read pictures of them that you send, or anything of this nature, so please do not do this or ask to do this if you are coming to me with some sort of Twin Flame problem.

If this sounds joyful and exciting, click here to be taken to the booking page!