Personalized Audio Activation

Language of Light is a Christic/Sophianic form of sound healing, as channeled directly from Angelic Realms, Your Higher Self, Guardian Families, and the God Worlds.

It is super potent because it bypasses the logical mind, and brings in healing codes, frequencies and new templates to the field, as outlined in your personal Christos Blueprint, so you receive what you need to collapse the true root cause of the issues at hand, whether you consciously realize what those are or not.

In the Personalized Activation, I will tune into your own Soul Blueprint and organic timeline, and based on the feedback in the fields, create a 20 minute recording for you using an array of healing tools as guided including but not limited to Light Language, Angelic Soul Song, Sacred Tones, and other codes and sacred frequencies to go in deep to collapse limiting templates, and completely re-code you in accordance with what is needed at a given time.

Upon placing your order, you have the option of sharing with me what your primary blocks or areas of concerns are, which is certainly welcome and helpful, though not absolutely necessary. I recommend this is you are having a specific issue. Please email me with a brief synopsis of the area of focus upon ordering.

Turn around time for the mp3 delivery to your inbox is between 3-7 days depending on my own personal schedule. If it will be any later than that, I will email you to let you know.

Introductory Rate: $111