Personal Alchemy Session

The Personal Alchemy Session is an all purpose one on one in that you can book for a wide array of issues.

The first 30 minutes is spent with you sharing information and background on your challenge while I tune in, offering occasional intuitive downloads that come in and light coaching and counsel.

The next 30 minutes is spent in your Lightbody using a wide assortment of energetic alchemical tools, technologies, tones, and codes brought in from your Avatar and God/Source to target and locate what and where the distortions are within the fields.

A quick 15 minute follow up is advised for at least 2 weeks later to explore what has changed and come up for you.

Can be purchased as a single session or a series of 3 (which you can use at anytime after the initial booking)

Cost for this service:

$222 for 60 minute session

Bundle of 3 Sessions: $555

Please click here to book singles or bundles.