Lifeline Request

We live in amazing times, but for many of us it can feel like anything BUT amazing.

There are challenges on multiple levels that many are experiencing, emotionally, spiritually, mentally…even physically as aspects of our old lives are stripped away, and challenges show up on the shores of our lives that test us at every turn and make us feel as if we are sinking.

The Lifeline is a free service that provides 72 hours of remote transmission around a personal emergency situation or crisis.

To receive it, simply use the link below to send your order form and I will begin your transmission as soon as I receive it. Feel free to tell me as little or as much as you would like about what the problem is. I will read each and everyone, even though you will not receive a direct response from me.

Who would qualify for this service?

  • Those who are going through a Dark Night of the Soul
  • Those in a dead end situation with their back against the wall/in an impossible bind
  • Anyone who has just received bad news and are in a space of despair (death in family, job loss, diagnosis, etc)
  • You need support but cannot afford an .actual session at this time.
  • You feel you are under psychic attack
  • Feeling stuck and desperate.
  • Processing intense emotions and don’t know what to do with them.
  • Need courage to move in new directions.

Please note, you can also submit this on behalf of your minor children under the age of 21 but I cannot perform this service on anyone elses behalf without their permission.

Please submit your request here.