All About Phoenix Heart Ministries

My name is Sonja and I have been on the ascension path for over 20 years. My gifts and codes are God Given with my specialties being collapsing dark systems, Lightbody Architecture and DNA repair, Restoring and Collapsing Templates, and working within the Multidimensional and Quantum Fields. I am a natural empath and intuitive to boot.

These gifts greatly enhance by ability to help Starseeds, Indigo’s and Lightworkers in connecting to their Organic Timelines and Wholeness as I have served for nearly 10 years as an energetic alchemist, oracle, and motivational and spiritual blogger. I also train Lightworkers and have for several years to map and activate their gifts and intuitive processes as well as practical instruction to get started online.

I am most popularly known from my previous work with Twin Flames through the 10 of Cups Ministries platform, but was called in 2019 to hold Higher Codes of Truth for the ascension community, many of which you will find here, and also at Phoenix Heart Ministres “sister site” Quantum Key Codes.

I have appeared as a featured healer and guest speaker on multiple podcasts through the years.

But all of these credentials aside, I think the most important thing to know about me is I am truly just like you: a survivor of Childhood Emotional Neglect and Abuse, The Inverted Twin Flame Labyrinth, Narcissistic Abuse, lack, and struggle until I began my process of awakening.

I do not profess to have “arrived”, but find for the most part I am navigating my own process along those who follow my work and I teach what has been proven in my life and the lives of my clients. That said, I have been given clearance to collapse the templates that tether to inorganic timelines, and have seen the fruit of this, ripe and juicy, in my own life, even though I am also a work in progress.

It is these codes, transmissions, and understanding that comes from experience that enables me to create quantum shifts for my clients to support them in anchoring on their organic timeline, identify and release hyperdimensional manipulation and collapse out templates that show up feedback loops of trauma, despair, confusion, and scarcity.

I do not work with angels, ascended masters, or archangels or any of this, but I work directly with Christ, and God/Source as Holy Mother/Holy Father. I also work directly with your Avatar (Higher)Self and an arsenal of Higher Dimensional tools and gifts to access the fields and tear down corrupted architecture and codes in the field, release trauma from the pain body, and delete and re-script timelines using various tools including Light Language, harmonics and medicine from the Quantum Field, Divine Color Frequencies, and other processes.

I hope you are blessed by the offerings on the website, and if you feel guided to work with me, I am looking forward to meeting you! You can also contact me at if you would like to say hi!

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