What is a Phoenix Heart?

One of the hallmarks of the Ascension Path is an ongoing process of moving into higher frequency bands, higher levels of Truth and Understanding, and Higher Levels of Embodiment of our Higher Stations of identity.

And much like the Phoenix, this means that something must be purified and alchemized to allow for those things that were holding us in lower timelines to “die”, be they beliefs, false identities, non-beneficial programs and templating.

Our Heart is such an important part of this process, because not only is it where we stream love for Self and Others, it is the portal through which we anchor in our Soul Essence, it houses the Consciousness Field of our Inner Child, and it is where we generate and radiate Joy.

Therefore, it is crucial for us to allow the old programs, core wounds, and mechanisms that tether us to the pain body to collapse, revealing who we truly are, and what we are truly here to be do and have, that we might move into Higher Timelines.

We do this by undoing corrupted codes and consciousness traps that keep us on spin cycle in futility loops, painful dynamics, lack, and low self worth.

Phoenix Heart Ministries provides the Quantum tools and instruction set to crack those corrupted codes that emanate from childhood conditioning, epigenerational encodements, and karmic consciousness units (and much more), particularly those that manifest and inverted empathy, disempowerment, astral hi-jack, the Twin Flame Labyrinth, childhood C-PTSD, and other byproducts that cancel out our ability to connect to our Divine Birthright.

It is my hope that you will find everything that you need here to rise again, and to do so with grace and ease.