Session Work

Currently, I am conducting sessions on a limited basis.

Below is a list of what I am currently offering, along with a brief description of each service.

Please click on each link for more details. And be sure to visit often, as services will be updated and new ones will be added!

Remote Services:

12 Dimensional Cord Cutting (currently not available): Lighten your load and frequency by dropping out a variety of energetic enmeshments and attachments that manifest as various emotional and spiritual problems.

12 Dimensional Karmic Tempate Release (currently not available): Collapse out the 12 Primary Karmic Archetypes to delete the energetic signature that scrambles your frequency and offsets your growth and Divine Blueprint.

Live One on One Sessions:

Timeline Repair: This session is designed to collapse out timelines based on traumatic timestamps in the past, to update frequency and to magnetize new experiences based on a new energetic broadcast.

Personal Alchemy Session: This 60 Minute Session is a go-to for a wide array of blocks and challenges. A blend of intuitive counsel and Lightbody and Quantum Field Work that can be purchased as a single session, or a bundle of 3.

Quantum Quickie: This 30 Minute Session is a shortened version of the Personal Alchemy Session, perfect for “tight budgets” and situations that are not especially complex.

Lifeline Request: This free service allows for you to receive 72 hours of remote transmission. Perfect for emergency situations.

Follow Up Session: A 15 Minute “check in” to touch base 2 weeks or more after a Personal Alchemy Session to discuss shifts, and/or what has come up since session