Inferiority Tape Deletion Transmission


Remove this nefarious program that tethers you to limitation, shame, guilt and unworthiness, and rewrite your internal hardware to run on your true Identity and Blueprint Codes.



How many doors have ever opened for you that you kept walking past, because you lacked the confidence and didn’t believe you were __________ enough?

Inferiority is a fallen template that is at the root of unworthiness, low self worth, low self esteem, and self loathing.

It is fallen in that it is a template that came in with Fallen Races who see humanity as nothing more than stupid cattle, and have worked tirelessly for eons to subjugate us, wipe us of our True Angelic Identities, and disconnect from the True Living Christ/Sophia.

Not to mention it is a subdivision of Victim/Victimizer Programming, in that Inferiority always needs to have Superiority to sustain itself, which creates competition, feeling marginalized by those “better than”, haves/have nots, comparison that breeds envy, and of course divide and conquer templates that cancel out Unity Consciousness by placing humanity against each other based on “better than/less than”.

It is also a backdoor that is used against us to keep us believing in our limitations, keep us from stepping forward into mission, and self depreciating of our own intrinsic worth and Divinity.

In this transmission, I take you into your internal database to delete this program from its original point of entry, in addition to subfolders that include dissonant emotional energy that source from the timelines created from the Inferiority Tape in our internal harddrives.

We also run new files: I am Loved, I am Divine, I am Free as a new internalized setting.


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