12D Karmic Template Release

What is Karma?

Karma is simply the Universal Law of Cause and Effect, or in otherwords, the reaping of consequences associated with choices and decisions made, including those of others that affect us either directly or indirectly.

It is not “punishment” or “payback” as we are lead to believe, but merely the energetic overlays, residuals, and distortions within the field based upon decisions, situations, and energies from past actions, that continue to create feedback in the now.

Not only is it limited to past life trauma, beliefs, and encodements, but we also inherit Karma from our ancestry.

Karma can also be false and superimposed upon us through Negative Entities manipulated consent and deflection, curses and oaths spoken over our families, or personal fields.

Whatever the point of origin, it creates templates that hinder us from the Full Experience of our Multidimensional Self, and Birthright.

The wheel of Karma where we must suffer in this lifetime as a result of something that happened in another lifetime is a false light teaching designed to insert us with the false belief that we must atone for things that we don’t even remember doing. This is as insidious as the concept of Original Sin.

It is merely an effect, tracing its origin to an original cause that is showing up in our lives and timelines.

Many of our struggles and limitations, have its origin in Trauma Fields, Binding Oaths, and Distortions that are being carried over either through the Bloodline, of from other timelines and we go through great lengths to clear patterns that we erroneously believe originate from childhood, when in fact it is a template that we have been walking around with for many incarnations, or has been handed down through the bloodline in the form of Ancestral Karma (or Generational Curses). These create energetic signatures and “scripts” that we continue to run in this time space continuum for the purpose of creating the feedback loops to learn from them so that we can collapse them out and return to our True Divine Nature.

This is, in essence, what the Ascension Process is!

Therefore, it is essential that we align with our organic blueprint codex by first releasing the imprints, programs, scripts, and “malware” that bring us out of alignment and are not in alignment with our Organic Blueprint.

Most Karmic Imprints take the form of Archetypal Roles created by the Shadow Self that continuously have us playing out a certain story line. These are personas anchored in Distortion.

In this Remote Session, I bring in transmissions to assist in releasing from all Multidimensional Layers of your being the Trauma Fields, Tapes, and Programs running from 12 common “high priority) Karmic Archetypes that run reversals in your Lightbody and DNA that cause interference with accessing your Christos Avatar including:

  1. The Victim (Always being victimized, abused, and mistreated with a self’pity feedback loop)
  2. The Exiled (Cannot connect to others, feels ostracized, hard time feeling at home with anyone or anything )
  3. The Martyr(Always giving 100% with no reciprocation, fixing, co-dependency,a no-one cares about my needs feedback loop)
  4. The Perfectionist (Always seeking to improve the Self, forever dissatisfied with one’s accomplishments, forever on a Self Healing/Improvement Quest feedback loop of never being good enough)
  5. The Scapegoat(Always being blamed and shamed for things you didn’t do, feeling responsible for others feelings with a feedback loop of always needed to defend/justify yourself)
  6. The Untouchable (Stuggling with lack, being looked down upon, regarded as “inferior” with a feedback loop of being insignificant)
  7. The Disfellowshipped (Ideas and concepts always being ridiculed, laughed at and challenged harshly with a feedback loop of needing to keep quiet about one’s opinions)
  8. The Persecuted (Feeling fearful to show others who your truly are and what you truly do for fear of retaliation or emotional or physical harm with a feedback loop that you are not safe being yourself)
  9. The Sacrificial Lamb (Deep repressed wounding and sorrow without really being able to pinpoint where it has come in from, always taking on the sorrows and sins of others)
  10. The Infidel: (Always feeling spiritually fake, inadequate, sinful or displeasing to the Divine or like you will never attain enlightenment because you are fundamentally flawed in some way).
  11. The Enslaved (Always feeling as if there is some one or thing “out there” that you cannot get away from, that you must obey and be subservient to, or that there is a fundamental lack of freedom in your life and being usurped that you cannot pinpoint.)
  12. The Suffering Servant (Must always help and serve others to the point of your detriment IE: being a lightworker full time but living in dire poverty)

The 12D Karmic Template Release clears these templates on all 12 levels of Awareness, from the bloodline, and from the personal akasha and replaces them with your Organic Signature and New Templates from your Avatar Self in accordance with what you need at this time and where you are in your journey.

When these karmic Issues are collapses out and transmuted, you will start to experience change quite drastically as you will begin to attract new people, places, events, opportunities, possibilities, relationships and the feeling of anchoring onto a new timeline becomes palpable, free from the karmic baggage that once weighed you down.

This session is 60 Minutes long and I will be facilitating this in synch with you, with a follow up Instant Messaging Conversation 2 weeks after the session

And while you may not have all templates in your field, your Avatar Self will filter out any transmissions not relevant to you. That said, most people have at least 2 of these variations operating as a dissonant broadcast in their field.

As a bonus, you will also receive a teaching and activation I did on Collapsing Past Life Vows and Oaths (forwarded upon receipt of payment):

Introductory Rate: $111

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