12 Dimensional Cord Cutting

Energetic cords can be thought of as a plug in between 2 people (or even places, things, and situations) where subtle energies and information are shared.

Sometimes they are positive, and sometimes they are negative. The positive ones are supposed to be there, IE the cord between a parent and young child, or cords at the heart between 2 friends or lovers in a mutual relationship.

The problem arises when we are corded or tethered to people unknowingly, or to our detriment to the point where they cause us to be overloaded with emotional energy and frequencies that are not organic to our personal soul signature, and we become locked down in frequency bands and emotional baggage that is not ours to feel, own, or process, and can even create physical problems.

Are you finding it particularly difficult to “let-go” and move forward from a relationship? 

Do you keep thinking about someone, even if you don’t want to be?

Are you suffering from out of the blue emotions that don’t seem to originate from within you?

Are you finding your life mirroring almost exactly the dymanics of people that you are in close proximity to on an ongoing basis?

Chances are there are cords of attachment holding you back, and quite literally holding you down and they need to be dissolved. Doing so doesn’t mean you don’t love them, or that it will change the relationship necessarily, but it is to release negative aspects of the relationship, and to free you into energetic sovereignty where you are not energetically carrying another person within your field, when it is not appropriate or necessary for you to do so.f

In this 60 minute session, I will connect directly to your Higher Self, from my Christos Avatar Self to Your’s to facilitate the entire session remotely which includes (but not limited to):

  • Transmuting all negative energies and attachments
  • Disconnecting negative and unhealthy energetic cords and attachments with all living, non-living and astral beings
  • Disconnecting ancestral cords.
  • Clearing Overlays and Imprints
  • Dissolving Non-Beneficial Thoughtforms
  • Return to Rightful Owner of all harmful projections, judgements, and unsolicited prayer energy that seeks to override the Law of Non-Interference.
  • Closure of unauthorized access portals and wormholes that cause others negative energy to be absorbed by you, causing an array of foreign emotions and states such as irritibility, tiredness, and not feeling yourself
  • Activation of your DNA Template divine seed blueprints to the highest possible frequency that you can hold at this time!
  • A Download from your Higher Self to Embody More of your Soul Essence and anchor your energy there.

Introductory Rate: $77

This session will require I facilitate while you lay down in a quiet state for 45 minutes. I will email you when the session is done to briefly check in.

It also includes a Follow Up Messaging Session on the platform of your choice.

A PDF with more details will be emailed out to you upon booking.

Please use the link below to book and an invoice will be emailed to you within a few hours of booking. Payment of your invoice confirms your appointment. If your invoice is not paid within 48 hours after booking, your appointment will be cancelled.

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